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Real Estate

Bass & Moglowsky, S.C. provides services to lenders who have purchased property through foreclosure or have acquired a property by other means, such as deed-in-lieu.

REO Closings

Lenders need a knowledgeable, motivated representative that can advocate for a sale. The firm provides comprehensive closing services to its clients and ushers properties through the process. Services include drafting all transfer documents, drafting settlement documents and organizing and overseeing closings.


The firm provides eviction services both in conjunction with the foreclosure action (writ of assistance) and through separate small claims actions where necessary.

Home Owners or Condominium Association Issues

Home owner and condominium associations often pose unique issues for lender’s who acquire property at sheriff’s sale. The firm has a significant history of resolving those issues through negotiation, or where necessary, through litigation.

Code Violation and Tax Foreclosure Defense

The firm is able to assist lenders who purchase properties subject to, or that become subject to, code violations or tax foreclosure.