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Foreclosure – Local and Small Lenders

Local and Small Lenders

Bass & Moglowsky, S.C. provides foreclosure and related services to lenders based in Wisconsin and lenders and servicers with a limited Wisconsin portfolio. Small lenders holding mortgage interests on properties throughout the state face a difficult choice – local attorneys are often general practitioners who have limited experience with state and federal laws that bear on foreclosure actions. Choosing an attorney with limited experience may result in extended case timelines, higher costs, additional liability and lost opportunities. On the other hand, large law firms experienced in foreclosure law tend to be experienced with large volume clients, but cannot offer the type of personal service a local law firm might.

Bass & Moglowsky, S.C. provides a Goldilocks solution – the firm is just the right size for small lenders based in Wisconsin or other lenders with a small portfolio. The firm’s professionals utilize the technology and compliance resources required to represent larger lenders to the benefit of small lender that would otherwise not receive such services from their attorneys, and because of our firm size, firm employees are able to provide the personal interaction many lenders seek. In the end, small lenders receive both the benefit of the personal service and the legal expertise capable of servicing larger lenders which leads to unparalleled legal services at a controlled cost.

One big question, many smaller lenders ask is: the firm is located in Milwaukee, are you able to assist us in our local county? The answer is “yes.” Bass & Moglowsky, S.C. represents its clients in all 72 counties in the State of Wisconsin, as well as all federal courts.

As a small law firm, we understand the hurdles today’s lending and default market puts in front of small lenders. Learn more about our attorneys in our biographies or by visiting us at Prospective Clients or About Us.